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unit kitchen
unit kitchen
The kitchen production industry in Ukraine has not innovated for a long time. Until now, if you wanted to order a kitchen, you had to manage the project yourself: to hire a designer, to make dozens of design decisions, to spend countless hours choosing accessories, materials and colours.
To look for reliable local manufacturers and contractors. To reapprove permanent changes in the order, to turn a blind eye to unexpected delays and additional costs. To be on hold for two to three months, and sometimes more. Not to know how much your kitchen costs, until the moment it is assembled.
we decided to find a better way
...and reinvented the kitchen.
For more than 10 years, we at Varenycia company have been making custom-made furniture and we are well aware of the challenges our customers have to deal with when ordering a kitchen. We figured out the displeasing matter in this process, took into account ergonomics laws, armed ourselves with the idea of “nothing complicated” and came up with a simple kitchen.
nothing complicated
Prosta is assembled like a Meccano set. Units of 600 and 450 mm in widths make it easy to fit the kitchen into any space without compromising on ergonomics.

At your request, we will assembly the kitchen "wall-to-wall" by adding side plugs.
modular design
Matte facades are covered with paint with a soft-touch effect, do not burn out in the sun and are pleasant to the touch. They are easy to care for with a very usual glass cleaner and there are no prints on them, which will be especially appreciated by the parents of little brawlers.
two matte colours
Sand and white.

Ideal for bright or neutral, dark or light walls. You no longer need to choose from fifty shades of grey.

Optimal height of the lower and upper cabinets, hidden ergonomic handles, touch backlight switch, mounted just below the facades – everything is considered to the detail. And the deepened screw cap allows to stand as close to a working surface as possible.
moisture resistance
We glue the edge even on the invisible sides of the parts. We use pure glue, so all kitchen elements have high moisture resistance and are resistant to significant temperature split.
full order
Built-in organizers for cutlery, knives, spices and other kitchen utensils leave no chance of clutter. You no longer have to run around furniture stores with a tape measure and look for a suitable tray, which will still rattle eventually. We have adjusted everything down to a millimetre.
clean installation
Prosta kitchen units are assembled at the factory and delivered to the customer ready-made. All the installers have to do is to place them in the correct order, align and adjust the hinges. It's time to forget about endless noisy and dirty assemblies forever.
Blanco sink, faucet and dispenser;
Caesarstone quartzite table top and apron;
Backlight with the Loox touch switch;
Inoxa dish drainer;
Falmec hood;
Pallas reverse osmosis filter;
Blum cutlery tray;
Blum knife holder;
Hailo sorter;
Household appliances by Bosch, Siemens or another brand.
everything is already assembled
from order
3 days
to installation
3 years warranty
Manufacturer warranty.

All kitchen parts are always available, so for example, if you need to replace a damaged facade, write to support service and we will send you a new one of the same colour within 24 hours.
design by A44 Studio
Prosta kitchen design was created in A44 Studio.

The studio was founded in 2015. They work with architecture, interior and object design. They focus on details, combining aesthetics and comfort.
Kitchen height
Lower cases height
Upper cases height
Units’ width
Apron height
Oak veneer shelf

Table top and apron
Handles and base
2 150 mm or custom-made
900 mm
680 mm
600 and 450 mm
0 mm / 240 mm / 570 mm
1 200 mm / 1 050 mm

Quartzite, 13 mm
Soft Touch, 22 mm
LED, 3000К, sensor
Blum, Hafele
SketchUP files
Soon we will have an opportunity to upload all kitchen units in 3D format.

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Prosta is manufactured in Lviv on a modern automated production line.
24 Stusa Street, Lviv
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For your safety, during a pandemic, the showroom is open by appointment:
+38 098 001 0 980
do you want to open a branded prosta showroom in your city?
Write or call us +380 98 980 88 00, we will arrange for some coffee.
support service
If you have any questions or difficulties with your kitchen, just write or call us +380 98 980 88 00, we always respond quickly
Our showroom in Lviv is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Write or call us +380 98 980 88 00, we will agree on a convenient time for you to test drive the kitchen.
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